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1060 E/ER
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Brausse 1060 E/ER

The Brausse 1060 E/ER die-cutter range with waste stripping and blank separating represents the very latest technology in make-ready, product quality and efficiency in an unrivalled package.  Blank separating makes substantial savings for carton makers, by delivering perfectly stacked blanks removing the need for time consuming hand stripping.Designed for quick, efficient make-readies and high net output, it also appeals to those carton makers who also wish to run a combination of blanked and non-blanked work using existing tooling. The delivery can simply be converted to allow ‘full sheet delivery’ using a special frame in a matter of minutes.While a number of latest new technologies are adopted, many proven features are also integrated into the 1060 ER.  Normally only be seen in the world class products of our group these features are integrated at the same time to make it reliable and risk free. CompatibilityCompatibility of tooling from existing machinery is assured and fits perfectly using the standard quick-locking features of the cutting chase, waste-stripping and blanking unit frames. Suitable for BSI blanking tools that lower the cost of blanking for jobs that were previously seen as too costly to make.  European customers can see the new Brausse 1060 ER for themselves at the Brausse Innovation Centre (BIC), Den Bosch, The Netherlands. New for 2017 is the Brausse 1060E with waste stripping system.  For those customers who do not require blank separating.