Brausse machine
Signa 1050 Fi
The very best solution in efficient hot foil stamping

BRAUSSE Signa 1050 Fi

The new Brausse 1050Fi hot-foil stamper is developed with the Group’s vast technology support.  A state of the art hot stamping solution aimed at satisfying various production needs of the majority of customer groups for high quality demand, limited budget and short return on investment period.

  • Maximum production speed (up to) 7,500 sheets/hour
  • Maximum sheet size 1050 x 750mm
  • New fast start system for foiling without waiting for impression
  • Very quick changeover times
  • New upper heating system for fast and precise temperature tracking and control
  • Fully computerised foil software system including FACS foil saving system, for optimum control of foil and minimum waste
  • Micrometric system on stamping plate for fine tuning of dies
  • New design of tension pressing roller with easy pressure adjustment and quick set-up
  • Optional cross foil system for further foil saving
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Micrometric adjustment of stamping plate
All new software with FACS foil saving system