Brausse machine
Forza 550/1100
The Complete Solution

BRAUSSE Forza 550/1100

The BRAUSSE tradition of folding and gluing machines combines both innovation and versatility. Today’s folding carton printer / finisher or commercial printer demand a product that is not only value for money, but fully featured too. Our machines have been developed with input from users combined extensive research and development, meaning our range offers highest innovation of the in-line process capable of processing hundreds of different styles. Quality and the highest product consistency are assured and superb build quality with innovative ergonomics ensure the machines are easy to set and run. The BRAUSSE range of folder-gluers offer several machine widths depending on blank size and style of carton to be processed. The range includes: Forza 550/900*/1100 and Prima 650/1100 *NEW version Brausse Forza 900 for 2018.

The complete folder-gluer package

  • Independent feeder with In-line blank alignment for perfect quality
  • New design of upper/lower conveyors meaning easy adjustment to box format
  • Crash-lock and 4/6 corner versions available
  • In-line carton ejection for seamless integration into quality control systems
  • 90 degree turning module for single pass processing of complex blank styles
  • Updated design of lower glue wheel for simple cleaning and maintenance