Jan 2018 – NEW Brausse 1060 E available for demonstrations

We are pleased to confirm that from January 2018 we have installed our latest new Brausse 1060 E die-cutter at the Brausse Innovation Centre, den Bosch, The Netherlands.

With full waste stripping capabilities, feeder logistics system and integrated quick-lock frames for tool-less changeovers, the 8,000 sheets/hour Brausse 1060 E gives the Folding Carton Converter the highest technology for the best value in the industry.

We look forward to your challenge!

Jan 2018 – NEW Everio Stacker for Corrugated and Solid Board

IMPACK’s core business has always been packing cartons into corrugated cases using the units VIRTUO and ERGOSA. By adding modules to invert crash-lock boxes (carton and corrugated board), the number of client requests for having an automated stacking and bundling solution has grown ever since.  The dynamic structure of the company allows a very fast response to the market within months, typified by the introduction of the new EVERIO Stacker.

EVERIO Stacker with MFI batch inverter showing integration with ATS-Tanner banding solution (blue).

The EVERIO allows automated banding of straight-line and 4/6 corner boxes with an output of up to 15 bundles per minute.  In combination with the MFI batch inverter (illustrated) this becomes the most economical solution for automated crash-lock boxes on the market.  The MFI unit can also act as a simple carton turner for straight-line cartons or let the boxes run through without any turning.  The EVERIO is the smallest, economical solution on the market today.