die cutting plates and consumables

We are able to offer a range of plates and die-cutting consumables for most makes of carton and corrugated die-cutting platens and hot-foil stamping machines to packaging manufacturers and die-makers.  All are manufactured in Germany in high quality stainless steel to the highest tolerances of flatness and consistency.

From 1mm to 6mm cutting plates, chase plates to compensation plates we have a solution for all makes of die-cutters. (For example: Bobst, BRAUSSE, Heidelberg, Iberica, Sanwa, Young Shin, SBL, Marumatsu, MK etc) 

We also offer refurbishment for die-cutting chases and cutting / compensation plates.  Saving huge costs compared to purchasing new items, this is an increasingly popular way to keep your machine producing at the highest quality.

We can also manufacture cylinder jackets, backing plates for old type cylinder die-cutters (Heidelberg / Johannisberg / Meilhe etc)

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Die cutting Plates

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Refurbishment Steel mills obviously use an enormous amount of energy. Not to forget about the remarkable CO2 emission that goes along with this. It is …

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