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Mar 2016 – ERGOSA – The Packer that bridges the gap

Designed to bridge the gap between semi-automatic and automatic packers for folding carton and microflute applications, the ERGOSA Universal Packer delivers the flexibility of semi-automatic …

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Jan 2016 – Happy New Year!

We wish all our valued customers and suppliers a happy and healthy 2016!  

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Nov 2015 – Nick Grinders

Nick Grinder Mailshot

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Nov 2015 – ERGOSA Universal Packer. High Speed Versatility

The ERGOSA.  The universal packer with more than 30 possible configurations for every need and budget. IMPACK’s Universal Packer called ERGOSA can help doubling the …

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Nov 2015 – BRAUSSE 1060 ER

The NEW Brausse 1060 ER.  Perfect blanking. The all-new die-cutter with blanking in 106cm format. Reduce production lead times, reduce labour costs with in-line blank …

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Sept 2015 – Braille dot analyser NEW

Introducing the Braille dot analyser from ipack solutions. Now mandatory for the pharmaceutical packaging sector, Braille dot characteristics can now be simply and conveniently measured …

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ipack solutions is proud to partner Cartostrip in the UK & Ireland markets. This simple, hand held stripping tool can significantly reduce your waste stripping …
We are pleased to confirm that from January 2018 we have installed our latest new Brausse 1060 E die-cutter at the Brausse Innovation Centre, den …
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