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The universal packer that bridges the gap.

Designed to bridge the gap between semi-automatic and automatic packers for folding carton and microflute applications, the ERGOSA Universal Packer delivers the flexibility of semi-automatic packers while approaching the performance of fully automatic models.

The ERGOSA can help doubling the packing speed with only 1 person. This means that the packing speed per person can be 4 times higher or more.

The most common bottle-neck of gluing lines which produce a variety of small to big format cartons on one machine is the packing. Having 1 or 2 people taking small batches by hand keeps the net-speed at a very low level and does not allow using the full potential of the folder gluer.

IMPACK’s Ergosa offers the possibility to literally pack any carton that one might produce on a folder gluer. Depending on the carton type and size, just change the packing mode and in a couple of minutes be ready to pack in an ergonomic position. We have options and configurations to suit every budget, from the most popular version, the Ergosa C to the economical Ergosa A.

All versions can be fitted to any make of folder-gluer.

Preowned Machine
Ergosa C with Perpack Module and Carton Turner IN-3
The Vertical Mode with the Perpack module helps to ergonomically pack medium to large folding carton or corrugated boxes. This mode also represents the most efficient way to pack 4/6 corner or medium to large boxes because they are pushed into the case as a whole row.
Preowned Machine
Ergosa C in Horizontal Mode with Carton Turner IN-2
The Horizontal Mode allows sliding small to medium folding carton or corrugated boxes directly into the case. No lifting is required and packing speeds of over 100,000 cartons per hour can be achieved.
Preowned Machine
The new MFA3 in combination with the Ergosa Perpack mode
Fully automated solutions for crash-lock boxes are available from other manufacturers but they lack in versatility and are limited to running only crash-lock boxes. The new MFA3 combined with the Ergosa allows packing crash-lock boxes with a speed of more than 50,000 boxes per hour. All this while keeping the possibility to pack every other type of carton in the Horizontal or Perpack Mode. Moreover having 1 person present while packing allows the handling of very special boxes without long setup times.

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The Unique Returning Folder Gluer arrived fresh from DRUPA at our new demo centre.  
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