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Tray Former
Double Lane Tray Former 1160-2
The NEW double lane Tray Former from ipack solutions.

Compact footprint, easy to set and run in both double and single lanes. Capable of producing most styles of cardboard and corrugated trays including special designs, subject to confirmation.

Production speed up to: 12,000 per hour single lane or 24,000 double lane. Subject to final design, substrate and and size of tray.

Format Range:
Carton 200-600 gsm
Corrugated up to 1.5mm
Min size: 100 x 100mm
Max Size: 470 x 450mm

Machine dimensions:
4.5m x 2.2m (depending on final specification)

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Minimal setup time
Minimal set up time
Robust design with quick and simple make-readies are standard.
Minimal setup time
The tray former is a single piece design in a compact footprint. Robust design, easy to set-up, consistent production speeds and minimal running costs mean a quick return on investment.
Minimal setup time
Short Payback
Competitive pricing with flexibility to produce all tray styles
We're Ready For Your Challenges
The double lane tray former is ready to take on your tray forming challenges!

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