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Boomerang - the unique returning folder-gluer!
The Boomerang folder-gluers is the only folder-gluers in production that allows for genuine single person operation.

The concept is that the stream of folded and glued products returns to the feeder end of the machine, allowing the single operator to both feed the machine and pack the finished products.

This gives the lowest labour cost of any machine on the market and return on investment is very short. Market examples are short run packaging such as pharmaceutical packaging, digital packaging and trade-finishing.

The Boomerang range comprises three machines in 450, 550 and 650mm blank widths. It can process materials up to 600gsm cartonboard and N and F Flute corrugated. As standard, all versions are equipped to produce straight-line and crash-lock cartons.

Unlike other small folder-gluers that require a hot-melt glue system due a limited compression section, the 4.5m compression section in the Boomerang ensure cartons are glued correctly using conventional cold glue systems.

We have UK installations that can be viewed and demonstrated. Contact us to find out more!
Minimal setup time
Minimal set up time
Robust design with quick and simple make-readies are standard.
Minimal setup time
The Boomerang can be installed where there is limited floor space. Where a conventional folder-gluers would not be able to fit due to work flow, for example into a corner, the Boomerang can be seamlessly integrated into most spaces.
Minimal setup time
Short Payback
Quick make-ready and unique single person operation mean that the Boomerang has the lowest operating costs on the market. Short runs can now be more profitable.
We're Ready For Your Challenges
The Boomerang range is a unique machine ready to take on the challenges of short run packaging.

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