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The BRAUSSE range of machinery for the folding carton, commercial print and finishing industries offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of print sizes, carton styles and specialist applications.

Focusing on partnerships with our customers, we aim to provide industry leading sales, service and support to ensure high added value, quality and profitability.

Supporting a large European install base, we are able to offer on-line modem connection with each machine, while technicians are on call at strategic points to ensure the fastest support when needed.
Minimal setup time
Minimal set up time
All BRAUSSE machines have class leading technology for quick and efficient make-readies as standard. Integration of group standard technology ensures new and repeat jobs are performed quickly and efficiently with ease of operation at the forefront in the design of all our machines.
Minimal setup time
To be the best in class, BRAUSSE products are known for the highest flexibility to process a wide range of substrated from paper to corrugated board. Standard features that are commonly optional on other manufacturers products, mean that Brausse machines offer the highest flexibility with a low investment.
Minimal setup time
Short Payback
Having a competitively priced product is only one aspect towards ensuring a short payback. High net productivity and flexibility further enhance the paypack of every Brausse machine and sets us apart from our competitors.
We're Ready For Your Challenges
BRAUSSE folding carton equipment has been sold into the European market since 2004. With over 140 installations, customers have repeatedly place their faith in our products due to reliability, productivity and ongoing partnerships with Brausse Europe.

In 2011, BRAUSSE became a member of Bobst Group and from December 2015 has been 100% owned by Bobst. It continues as a seperate brand with its own identity.

The current range of equipment includes:

BRAUSSE 1060 E/ER Automatic die-cutting machine with waste stripping and with/without blank separating,
BRAUSSE LEVANTE 1050 Automatic die-cutting machine with stripping device (in formats 1050/1060 x 750mm),
BRAUSSE BORA 1450 Automatic die-cutting machine with stripping device (format 1450 x 1100mm),
BRAUSSE 1050 Fci Automatic hot-foil stamping machines (in format 1050 x 750mm),
FORZA 650/900/1100 Automatic folding and gluing machines.
brausse Machine
1060 E/ER

The Brausse 1060 E/ER die-cutter range with waste stripping and also a version with waste stripping and full blank separating represent the very latest technology …

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brausse Machine
Signa 1050/1060 Fi

The new Brausse 1050/1060 Fi hot-foil stamper is developed with the Group’s vast technology support.  A state of the art hot stamping solution aimed at …

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brausse Machine
Levanta 1050 E

The BRAUSSE Levanta 1050E automatic die-cutter is a proven performer of high speed, quality and reliability.  The latest versions bring further enhancements in quick make-readies …

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brausse Machine

The BRAUSSE tradition of folding and gluing machines combines both innovation and versatility with very short return on investment. Today’s folding carton printer / finisher …

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brausse Machine
1450 SE

The BRAUSSE 1450 SE large format die-cutter with added flexibility of an oversize sheet capability. Comparable machines offer a maximum sheet size of 1420 x …

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brausse Machine
Signa 1050F / 1060F

The BRAUSSE Signa 1050 / 1060 F is a hot-foil stamping and embossing machine, with an optional cross-foil, die-cutting and waste stripping function. A cost …

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