Cutting Plates
Cutting, compensation and chase plates for all makes of carton and corrugated die-cutters
Die cutting plates The main task of the 1mm plate is to save money on repeat jobs and improve the quality of the die-cutting. To optimise your profit it is important to use high quality plates. We can provide you with a range of cutting plates in different hardnesses.  We also maunfacture standard cutting plates, compensation plates and lower supporting plates too.
Specification STANDARD
Material: DIN 1.4301 Material: AISI 304 Hardness: 190 HV
Specification MEDIUM
Material: DIN 1.4301 Material: AISI 304 Hardness: 350 HV
Specification HARD
Material: DIN 1.4021 Material: AISI 420 Hardness: ~48 HRC Cutting and Compensating plates With state of the art machines we guarantee the flatness and parallelism of our plates. Proven steel grades assure closest tolerances, excellent surface finish and a uniform hardness.  For special applications where thicker cutting plates are used, we can manufacture special compensation plates of different thicknesses. Contact us for more information.