Die cutting Chase and Plate Refurbishment
Refurbishment Steel mills obviously use an enormous amount of energy. Not to forget about the remarkable CO2 emission that goes along with this. It is our contribution to save natural resources with a positive side effect to cut costs for our customers. The effort put in refurbishing is nearly the same as producing new equipment. We work with the same tolerances and accuracies and so we provide our customers a product that is as good as new. Cutting plates We are able to refurbish old, corroded and warped plates by flattening and grinding both sides. Chase Plates / Backing Plates You may have faced a deep groove in your chase plate in the area of the first knife as it always strikes at the same spot. So this part of the plate warps considerably which makes you need 3 to 4 layers of make ready tape and increases your make ready time.  Along with the flatness issues, you may also have problems with corrosion. On the one hand you will have rust particles on the make ready sheet, on the other hand rust will eat into all the different plates which changes the parallelism in your cutting section and causes unnecessary make-ready times, too.  Our solution: Give your chase plate a new lease of life like in the days it was new. To avoid corrosion in future we provide the chase plate with a layer of Nickel. Compensating Plates Customers working with a 1 mm system face these problems daily. The Ni-coating will immediately prevent rust on the backside of the 1mm plates as well as it stops corrosion eating into the resocell plate. In the long run you may have tolerances of about more than 2/10 mm on the supporting plate if you do not prevent corrosion.   Cutting Chases After 3 to 5 years chases start to bend. If the chase bends the plate will follow. As a result you will lose parallelism which causes longer setup times. We offer an inspection and service to your chases. This service includes: Flattening and straightening of the frame parts or renew if necessary, Check and exchange of the fixation points, Recalibration of the chase, Renew damaged parts, New layer of chemical blacking.   new_chase