April 2020: Hygienic protection of employees while packing!

Current circumstances bring many challenges that are still unknown to each individual, but especially to all of us collectively. In spite of all the daily difficulties, we at Impack were happy to learn that there is a good vibe among many of our customers. Everything is being done to offer people all over the world the culinary delights they are used to and love, in these challenging days. Not forgetting, of course, the medicines and protective items that are indispensable too many people.

The production of packaging for these industries is part of the foundation of the essential supply chain.

A great deal of positive energy is available to pack, for example, food products with the corresponding boxes as quickly as possible. However, concerns about a hygienically safe workplace are growing in the minds of many key employees throughout the production line. Many ideas are circulating about how to create the necessary 2m distance between employees.

However, the best way is and remains to minimise the number of employees in a limited space.

Impack has been working for almost 20 years on optimizing the work processes around folder-gluers. When packing and feeding, we often see that a lot of potential for improvement is not fully exploited:

  • 2 people face each other & unnecessary work steps
  • High, physical strain due to un-ergonomic movements
  • Inefficient packing in outer cases & completely manual tasks

Impack’s semi-automatic and fully automatic packers have been designed to allow more efficient production with fewer personnel. This means for you in specific terms:

  • Less personnel ensures that your valued employees can always keep 2m distance in a safe way
  • Robust design and simple operation allow the machine to be operated for several years without an external technician on site
  • Increased productivity allows the same volume to be produced in less time, resulting in fewer human interaction
  • Remote start-up and trainingavailable; video instructions and livestream training without instructor on site
We are happy to be here for you and help you to create a new and safe work environment. Especially in these extraordinary times, we are constantly optimizing our Communication Tools in order to offer the most efficient and complete service possible.

The IPACK SOLUTIONS and IMPACK teams wishes you the best of health.