February 2023: New Partnership – SAMZON Pile Turners.


Ipack Solutions are pleased to announce a new partnership with Denmark based SAMZON, who develop & manufacture pallet turners and other related products for the paper-industry to minimise manual work loads.

SAMZON are user friendly, reduce downtime and operator injury associated with incorrect and repetitive lifting. The 104 pile-turner is a stationary machine with a self supporting frame which requires no foundation and is fixed to the factory floor. Hydraulics are used to move both platforms simultaneously. Designed so that the platforms can close down to 320mm allowing short runs to be turned without the use of an additional pallet. Versions allowing a maximum height of 1700mm (including pallet) can be chosen. Competitively priced and can be supplied as a fully equipped machine with aeration and vibration: 104LVA


Simplicity & Technology Combined

How does it work? The machine closes around the platforms, tilts 90°, the tower is released and is rotated manually rotating the original pallet 180°, thereby turning the product on its head. The pallet is then manually removed from the machine and replaced with a new pallet. One of the advantage with the pile-turner is that it can be stopped at 90°, allowing the platforms to separate slightly so you can remove damaged products or spacers from between the products. Pallets are fed onto the machine using either a fork lift or pallet jack. For more information please contact us.


October 2022: What a Month of installations

What a month it has been installing two Eterna ECUT 1060 E Die-Cutter machines on the same day at opposite sides of the country. ACL Packaging Solutions in Bristol and Bootyman Printers Ltd in HulI. It was most definitely a challenge for all the teams involved but they got there in the end. Followed by the installation of an ECUT 1060 ELITE ER Blanker fully installed in 4 days at Sherwood Press in Nottingham. This is the 2nd Eterna Machine to go into them having already purchased an EFOIL 1060 earlier in the year. Finally, to end the month the arrival and installation of an EFOLD 900 Elite Folder Gluer with a specified turning device for the single pass production of mailing and e-commerce envelopes at Olro Print Finishers in Romford. Eterna Europe BV Since Ipack Solutions began in 2010 we have quietly grown to being amongst the leaders in the UK and Ireland in the packaging machinery market, achieving the milestone of over 100 machines sold from our two main brands of Eterna Europe BV and Impack Packaging. We are so proud of the partnerships we enjoy with our customers and suppliers and those whose have helped us on our journey.      

April 2022: Coveris UK take delivery of their 4th Impack Packaging Machine with a first for the St Neots site

Great to see a 3rd new IN2 Box Turner & Ergosa 3 Universal Packer from Impack Packaging arriving at Coveris UK this week.

With the Wisbech site adding 2 more systems to its production line earlier this month.  The St Neots site takes delivery of its first.